The Do’s and Don’ts for your Workplace VIP
(Very Important Pooch)

By Rosie
Office Dog

There have been many studies carried out over the years that show having dogs in the workplace can reduce stress levels and boost employee morale.

However, this isn’t going to be the case for all employees and can have the opposite effect for some. Resulting in higher levels of stress for those who suffer with allergies, fear dogs, or just feel uncomfortable around animals whilst at work.

Here are some points to consider before taking your four-legged buddy into work:

Get it signed off – Before getting excited that your fur baby can join you at your desk it’s a good idea to get it approved first. It’s important to speak to your line manager and the HR department to check it’s appropriate to bring in your pet and if there is a company policy you could follow.

Ask the Question – Go around and speak with your colleagues to understand how they would feel about having a dog in the office. This also applies if you are expecting external visitors such as customers on site that day.

Life Admin – Make sure your dog is up to date with their vaccinations and generally fit and healthy. This ensures your pets safety, eliminates the risk of picking anything up and prevents your co-workers from attracting any unwanted friends i.e., fleas!

Health and Safety – A workplace can be a hazardous environment for a dog, there are often many wires around as well as office supplies such as paper clips or pen lids that could put your dog at risk of choking. It’s also worthwhile making sure that all food, especially items that are harmful to dogs is kept well out of the way.

General etiquette – Although it’s lovely to have a dog around the workplace, attending meetings and being the office mascot, this is likely to only be the case if your dog is well-trained and isn’t going to cause chaos. It is important that dogs don’t become a distraction by running around or barking. They must be able to remain calm throughout the whole day. Finally, if you dog makes a mess be ready to get the cleaning supplies out...

Once you’ve considered all these points and know that it’s going to benefit the workplace then it’s time to get your perfect pooch onboarded!