Calculating Part-time Holiday Entitlement.

By Rosie
Part-time holiday entitlement

Struggling to calculate a part-timer’s holiday entitlement?

It’s brilliant that you can offer different working patterns to your employees, but it can sometimes result in a headache when trying to work out their holiday entitlement!

Full time employees are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks (28 days) paid holiday each year and this figure can include the bank holidays. Of course, part-time employees are entitled to the same rights as full time employees, but the 5.6 weeks will be pro-rated based on the hours they work each week.

Easy calculations to help you work out part-timer’s statutory holiday entitlement

If your full-timers work 37.5 hours per week, and you have an employee working 25 hours a week, they would be entitled to:

5.6 x 25 = 140 hours


Full timers work 37.5 hours per week, and you have an employee working 10 hours a week they would be entitled to:

5.6 x 10 = 56 hours

What if we give more than the statutory amount of holiday?

It’s common practice in a lot of organisations to give more than the statutory 5.6 weeks of holiday and if this is the case for you, please follow the calculation below.

Full timers are entitled to 33 days a year (25 days plus 8 bank holidays) and you have an employee working 25 hours a week.

25 + 8 = 33 / 5 (number of working days per week) = 6.6 weeks

6.6 x 25 = 165 hours

You can then work out whether it’s better for your working patterns to have your holiday entitlements in hours or days.

More information on entitlement rights can be found on the government website. Holiday entitlement - GOV.UK (

Staying up to date

Paid holiday is a legal right that employers must provide, which is why it’s paramount to have up –to-date employee records, that can assist you with keeping on track of the holiday taken and how much is remaining.

Not only will PolarHR support you with keeping up-to-date employee records, but the clear dashboards on each user’s profile will provide you with visibility of holiday already booked and how many days or hours each employee has left to take. This means that as an employer you can get the information you need quickly and effectively to ensure your employees are taking the correct amount of holiday. You also get the bonus of preventing the dreaded holiday disagreements!