Alcohol Awareness Week.

By Rosie
Alcohol Awareness.

July 3rd - 9th 2023 is Alcohol Awareness Week.

#AlcoholAwarenessWeek is an annual campaign to get the UK thinking about drinking, raising awareness and campaigning for change. Usually held in November, this year Alcohol Awareness Week moves to July, running from the 3rd to the 9th, with the theme 'Alcohol and Cost'.

The harm caused by alcohol affects millions of people each year in the form of health and financial worries, relationship breakdowns and issues with and at work. It brings huge social costs too, with an estimated £21 billion cost to society each year. On average as individuals, we spend around £50,000 on alcohol over a lifetime.

Alcohol consumption in the workplace can be an issue, there is a fine line between socialising as part of a team building excercise and excessive drinking that affects a person's ability to work. There are risks for employers; along with reduced productivity, employees that don't drink, or don't want to drink with colleagues may feel excluded and not part of the team.

Of course, workplaces don't want to stop employees enjoying themselves, however, there does need to be a set line that shouldn't be crossed. Alcohol can affect both physical and mental health so it's important to offer guidance and support to your employees.

How can you as an employer support your employees?

Have clear policies in place - employers should have clear policies on substance miuse in the workplace, setting out clear expectations of staff behaviour and the consequences of not meeting those expectations. Turning a blind eye to breaches, could lead to alcohol in the workplace being seen as the norm.

Build a supportive culture - take a thorough approach to employee wellbeing, including support around alcohol misuse, develop a supportive environment that regularly communicates the support available to employees dealing with issues with alcohol. Remember, having an issue with alcohol and being an alcoholic are not the same thing.

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