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An advisor is an external HR consultant that can be invited to an account. This allows the advisor to access user records, make corrections and provide recommendations.

Briefing Email

The briefing email is an optional email that users can receive daily or weekly, which provides a count of absence and expense requests pending user action. The email also shows who is out in the next 7 days and whether you have any document signatures or reviews outstanding.


Duration is the total number of days or hours that an absence is booked for. This is not the number of days or hours that is deducted from the user balances when work patterns are in use, that value is Usage.

Manager Approver

A Manager approver is a user with permissions to view other users details, and action absence and expense requests. The manager approver would generally be a users line manager.


Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees to the company, getting them to enter their own details. New hires can complete onboarding ahead of time and hit the ground running from day one,


Usage is the total number of days or hours that an absence is being taken for. This usage value is deducted from the user balances.