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Getting Started.

Once you've registered your account you are ready to get started. By default, everything you need to create users has already been defined, but it is likely that you will need to expand on these defaults. Absence Types and Absence Policies are mandatory for setting up new users. Public Holiday Policies and Work Patterns are optional, and can be associated with a user during creation, or later via the profile Employment tab.

Before an expense claim can be created, expense categories are required, and again there are some defaults already defined, which can be added to as required.

Expand the setup to match your needs:

  1. Absence Types are necessary to create Absence Policies, to create additional Absence Types, follow the steps for How do I create an absence type? in Settings Management - Absences.
  2. Create a new Absence Policy, or edit the default policy, by following the steps for creating or editing Absence Policies in Settings Management - Absences.
  3. If using Work Patterns, set them up following the steps How do I create a work pattern? in Settings Management - Absences.
  4. To create an optional Public Holiday Policy, follow How do I create a public holiday policy? in Settings Management - Absences.
  5. To create additional Expense Categories, follow How do I create an expense category? in Settings Management - Expenses.