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There are 4 administrative permissions that can be assigned to user accounts, determining which specific functions are available to those users.

The permissions are Account Owner, HR Admin, Finance Admin and Manager.

The Account Owner can access and update billing preferences and payment details. They can also view and download, invoices and receipts.

HR Admin users have full access to user records and administrative control of user accounts. Absence and expense requests can be accepted and rejected.

Finance Admin users have access to the expense and employment details for all users. Expenses can be accepted, rejected and processed.

Managers can approve, reject or create absences and expenses for their assigned approvees.

Yes, the admin permissions can be combined to allow a user multiple administrative functions.

Users without administrative permissions are able to manage their own accounts. They do not have permission to interact with other user's details.

HR Admin users can manage a user's permissions from the Account tab of the user profile.

  1. As an HR Admin user, navigate to the directory and select the Manage User icon.
  2. From the profile Account tab, click the edit icon for the Permissions card.
  3. Select the required permissions and click Save.