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Frequently Asked Questions.

As a business we take security and operational reliability seriously. Our organisation has completed the UK Government backed Cyber Essentials certification – certificate number IASME-CE-027182. All customer data is held within UK data centers.

For further details, check our Security page.

All customer data is stored securely and redundantly across multiple geographically dispersed locations. Data is encrypted at rest using industry standard AES-256 encryption and backed up continuously using modern techniques to remove points of failure. Whenever any data is transmitted to us, it is always encrypted and sent using HTTPS and 2048-Bit encryption. This data is only decrypted within our secure firewalled networks.

For further details, check our Security page.

Your personal data is protected and can only be edited by you and HR Admin users. Elements of your personal details can also be viewed by your Manager approver, Finance Admin and, Advisors invited to the account.

Data is held in PolarHR until either specific details are deleted, and confirmation is given, or the entire PolarHR account is deleted. Confirming deletion of specific records or the account is immediate and cannot be undone.

PolarHR works great on mobiles and doesn't need a separate app. You can add PolarHR to your phone or tablet home screen for easy access. Watch the how to video here.

Invitations to use PolarHR are valid for 24 hours, after this point, users that have not setup their accounts will need to be re-invited.

To resend an invitation to a user:

  1. Navigate to the directory, and select the Manage User icon.
  2. From the profile, Account tab, click Resend Invitation from the Permissions card.
  3. Edit the details and click Save.

As a non-admin user, there are some restrictions on which absences can be cancelled. If an absence has started and it needs to be cancelled, a user will see a message that the absence cannot be amended and to contact an administrator. This does not mean the absence cannot be cancelled, just that it needs to be cancelled by an admin user because the absence has already started.

If an absence has already been accepted, then again, if the user tries to cancel it, they will not be able to, but an admin user will.

Firstly, please check your email junk folder just in case we've landed in there, and add to your approved sender list if we have.

I've registered for a PolarHR account where is my welcome email?

If you still have the registration page available you can request another email using the link provided.

I've forgotten my password and can't log in, where are my password reset instructions?

Please check the email supplied on the password reset page is the email you usually use to log in to PolarHR.

I've requested a password reset from within the application but not received reset instructions, where are they?

Please check the email address set as the Login Email on your profile account page is correct.

Why am I not receiving any briefing emails?

Briefing emails will be sent according to the frequency set on your profile account page. If the frequency has been set and you are still not receiving the emails, please check the Login Email set in your profile is correct.

Using PolarHR requires a subscription, which can be managed by the Account Owner user.

To manage the current subscription:

  1. As an Account Owner user, click Manage Subscription from the Billing card on the Settings tab.
  2. Select the number of users the system is required for and click Subscribe.
  3. Complete the payment details with our third party payment platform, and click Subscribe.

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