Publish vacancies and manage applicants all in one place. When you're ready to hire, convert an applicant to a PolarHR user in a couple of clicks. With recruitment in PolarHR, you can easily create and manage vacancies. Keep track of vacancies and applications from anywhere.

Manage vacancies

Keep track of all your current, past and future vacancies.

  • ✓ Create vacancies in advance for simple activation.
  • ✓ Quickly see the status of all vacancies.
  • ✓ See applications made for each vacancy.
PolarHR vacancies. Vacancies list.
PolarHR applicants. Applicant details.

Manage applicants

Keep track of all your applicant details.

  • ✓ See applicants for all vacancies.
  • ✓ Track shortlisted and rejected candidates.
  • ✓ Hire and immediately convert to a PolarHR user

Share job vacancies publicly

Receive applications from internal and external candidates.

  • ✓ Vacancy details shared via public links.
  • ✓ Email notifications for all applications submitted.
  • ✓ Applicants can apply for multiple vacancies.
PolarHR Jobs. Job vacancy.