Employee Records.

All of your sensitive employment records in one secure application, accessed from anywhere. Say goodbye to paper files and spreadsheets.

Employee Self-service

Save time with staff self-service. Empower your people to maintain their own personal data, reducing time-consuming data entry.

  • ✓ Self-onboarding to capture initial employment data.
  • ✓ Staff can update their own personal data.
  • ✓ Improve accuracy and do away with messy files.
PolarHR employee records. Employee Self-service.
PolarHR employee records. Add employee data.

Employment Data

All of your vital employment data such as contracts, payroll, salary history, and job roles is with you everywhere you go.

  • ✓ Secure access to your important employment data.
  • ✓ Everything available in one easy app.
  • ✓ Update everything on the go.
PolarHR employee records. Add Personal data.

Personal Data

Up-to-date information when you need it most. Contact information, medical notes, and emergency contacts are always at your fingertips.

  • ✓ Securely held and available anywhere.
  • ✓ Staff can update their own personal records.