Document Storage.

Store your important documents safely & securely with our document management system.

Your electronic filing system

Keep your important documents safe and secure.

  • ✓ Create folders to stay organised.
  • ✓ Privacy controls restrict access to authorised users.
  • ✓ Granular permissions for users and managers.
  • ✓ Access your documents from anywhere.
PolarHR Document storage.
PolarHR Document storage permissions.

Set permissions

Restrict document access with folder permissions.

  • ✓ Grant read or read/write access.
  • ✓ Allow user only access.
  • ✓ Grant access to users approvers.

Document Signatures

Request document signatures right from PolarHR.

  • ✓ Request signatures from multiple users.
  • ✓ Capture signature date and time.
  • ✓ Notification of pending signature requests.
PolarHR Document Signatures.