Company Directory.

Easily onboard new users, administer existing accounts, and quickly see who is available.

Add a New User

Invite your users to use PolarHR, or maintain records without granting application access.

  • ✓ Optional user account for your people.
  • ✓ Self-Onboarding to save you time.
Company Directory. Adding a user
Company directory. Accept pending users

Approve or Reject Pending Users

Once a new user completes onboarding they become a pending user for review.

  • ✓ View and approve pending users.
  • ✓ Reject pending users and ask for changes.
  • ✓ See archived users.

View Contact Information

Keep your people connected with contact cards.

  • ✓ Add work contact details to encourage collaboration.
  • ✓ Quickly see absence status.
  • ✓ Email, Phone, and MS Teams.
Company directory. View contact information