Benefits and Additional Payments.

With user benefits and additional payments tracking tracking in PolarHR, you can easily record, manage and report on each benefit and additional payment received by your employees.

Manage User Benefits

From company pensions to private medical insurance, you can now keep track of benefits offered to employees, whether they are opted in or out, as well as employee and employer contributions.

  • ✓ Accurately track user benefits.
  • ✓ Retain all details when benefit is opted out of.
  • ✓ Set review dates to avoid benefits expiring.
additional payments

Manage Additional Payments

Track additional payments made to employees that fall outside of salary and expenses. Show employees their bonus details, sales commissions or special recognition awards all in one place.

  • ✓ Allows employees to see all additional payments.
  • ✓ Keep a history of all awards.

Report & Export

Produce instant reports to keep on top of your employees benefits and additional payments and export to Excel, all in a few clicks.

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